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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Passion is self love in expression. It pulls you through the thickness of human experience

and allows you to be free, way out and way in it...

Fluidly traversing the sovereign ocean of realization Embodying who I am that leaves me speechless and full of expression at the same time while being beyond time and place... Yet this is a safe space of controversy where I exist and so everything is, including nothing. I look back and see myself craving for more, now every little bit makes sense and

it is magic. I get to play in this new way, and I remember, I came here for this. What dreams may come So simple as it may be, it is clear That the path to joy is not so long after all I wish I knew sooner, to have fun amidst the changes

that kept on rolling through my vessel of human being-ness... And once in a while I remember, I look back and see nothing but beauty, nothing but love, pure perfection of creation, in ever new expression of being true to itself. How could you define nothing? And what is everything? Why would you try to put a name tag on it,

a limitation, even so, it is free. And it shifts and changes and flows, always expanding while simply being, being. Not working on it, not trying to be better, with no need to control or fix anything, no sense of shame or guilt whatsoever, just a vague remembrance of what it was to forget the Grace that you are... the Beauty of your own signature & creativity that is mesmerizingly infinite.

How could you not love yourself once you realize you are that...

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