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Hello New Moon

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

How could have I known The taste of sweet silence While still searching for gold In the noise of human suffering

If only I could tell myself then I am so perfect in each way And yet I was there all along Breathing in compassion and love

For all that I allowed to flow through Was in a most beautiful chaotic order I have no words now, no questions, yet Nothing is my everything and everything is Zero. No sense making all sense and again I breathe further into being that... I AM <3

>It keeps on flowing and yet it is still I stand here in awe of truth that is here The one that I am always was and will be Exploring the void and the tides of fluid light Like the ocean, I spill out and come in again Discovering new shores of awareness and joy No time no space no-thing to achieve, just be Openly embodying, sovereignty in expression.

Energy and Consciousness melding naturally Nothing to do, nothing to fix, simply let go And let the new come to you... < said the Moon.

#poetry #newmoon #magic

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