I am a creator with a passion to share my expression
through improvised performing (singing, dancing, acting) 

and being there for the ones who are choosing NEW.

Living a life filled with creativity and joy, free of limitations...

To inspire, and be inspired.

I will also be collaborating with other beautiful souls in order to create
ever-new quality content, in service to you.

If you feel like working or rather playing with me

contact me

or explore our offerings on the website, with love,

Aiya Rose


An in-the-moment improvised session with Amirya Yakobi and Shahar Kaufman.

All music and lyrics were created on the spot! Most songs literally had only one take,

on a night of 15th July 2019.

6 songs 

The album is made as a musical experience, for those who want to go on a journey within. Those who are passionate about life. Those who are saying no to limitations and yes to a new way of living - free. 

Those who love to communicate, embody, experience and express all parts of themselves...

I am so honored to share this with you,

and know that every cent that comes through your orders will be invested into new projects and music - in service to you! And make sure to leave me a note when you hear the whole thing - I would LOVE TO HEAR about your experience with it. Which song is your favorite and in what way it might have inspired you... 

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